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Michael Carrell has discovered within the original Greek texts of the Septuagint and New Testament what had remained hidden from Jews and Christians alike for almost two millennia; all of the inspired writers of these Scripture texts, for our benefit, used an identical, teaching, literary form when they constructed their books, gospels, and letters. Using this literary devise, the inspired writers reveal to us how their Scriptural texts are meant to be read and understood! A brief tutorial on this amazing literary form, which we should have recognized long ago, has been given by the author at

In the book IN PARABLES, he reveals the rules that he discovered in the original Greek texts that ingeniously allow them, and their translations into other languages, to be diagramed as they were intended, as parables. The author includes in Volume I, a number of easily recognized parables from the Septuagint and Greek NT as well as the entire Gospel of Mark, Book of Ruth and Letter of Jude, each shown as a continuous string of diagramed teachings presented as parables. Each teaching builds on the one before it and prepares for the one after it. Read the preface.

IN PARABLES Volume II includes the Gospel of John and 2 Thessalonians.

IN PARABLES Volume III includes the Gospel of Luke and the Letter of James.

IN PARABLES Volume IV includes the Gospel of Matthew.


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To schedule a seminar on the literary form of the Scriptures please contact the author at mail@INPARABLES.com.